1.安全性 Safety

GAMA PVB中間膜 使夾層玻璃可承受高應力,受外力撞擊時,可藉由PVB中間膜的形變,緩和外力衝擊;又因其質地強韌且與玻璃有強大的接著力,使玻璃碎片黏著於膜上,而不易飛散,減低對人體的傷害。
GAMA PVB film enables laminated glass to endure serious stress. The damage can be reduced due to the deformation and good elasticity of PVB film. Although glass might be broken, the splinters are still adhesive to PVB film instead of scattering because of its strong adhesion to glass. Therefore, the further damage and personal injury is avoided.

夾層玻璃可應用在防彈汽車玻璃或住宅門窗玻璃,防止暴力入侵, 一般可藉由增加P V B中間膜的厚度,或是多層夾層玻璃來達到此目的。下圖為使用GAMA夾層玻璃試驗之結果,既使玻璃破裂,仍能牢牢附著於膜上。
Using multi-layer laminated glass can protect us from violent invasion. The result of “impact test” of laminated glass with GAMA PVB film is shown below. It is clear that the glass splinters are adhesive to interlayer film without penetration

2.隔音性 Soundproof

夾層玻璃與普通玻璃相較,更能有效地降低噪音值,因為PVB膜能使音波振幅在穿透玻璃時得以減弱, 故有隔音的效果。一般公共場所或是噪音大的埸所,皆可使用夾層玻璃以達到隔音的效果。
單 層 玻 璃 ( 6 m m ) 與 使 用GAMA PVB film夾層玻璃 (3mm玻璃+0.76mm GAMA PVB film+3mm玻璃),其隔音效果比較如下圖:
Compared with general glass, laminated glass blocks noise more effectively. Laminated glasses are easily found in public places or other noisy places The comparison of soundproof effect between single layer glass( 6mm) and laminated glass ( 3mm glass+0.76mm GAMA PVB film+3mm glass) is as below:

3.防紫外線 Absorption of UV Ray

紫外線是造成家具、圖畫、塗料、紡織品等物品 變色的主因。使用GAMA PVB film製成之夾層玻璃,能幾乎完全阻隔紫外光,防止家具等物品變色。
單層玻璃( 6 mm) 與使用GAMA PVB film夾層玻璃 (3mm 玻璃+0.76mm GAMA PVB film+3mm玻璃),其紫 外線隔絕效果比較如下圖:
Ultraviolet ray may cause deterioration of furniture, pictures, paints, textile, and so on. However, the laminated glass with GAMA PVB film is able to absorb nearly 100% of UV ray to prevent the discoloration problem.The UV-proof effect comparison between the single layer glass (6mm) and sandwich-laminated glass (3mm glass+0.76mm GAMA PVB film+3mm glass) is as below:

4.美觀性 Aesthetic Sense to Buildings

GAMA PVB中間膜能提供設計師建構美麗建築物及整體景觀。
The laminated glass with colored GAMA PVB film will beautify a building and harmonize their appearance with surrounding views to meet the demand of architects.

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